Experts Day for Startups – Apply Here (Due 7/7)


Thanks to everyone who’s applied in the last few weeks. We’ve now closed the application form and will be sending out invites over the next few weeks in July. If this goes well, we’ll try and run it again in the future.

Excited to announce a new, fun experiment to help startups and entrepreneurs: Experts Day 2017.

The goal of the Experts Day will be to bring together a small, highly curated group of post-launch startups – fewer than a dozen – and to get them to the next level in terms of expertise, operations, and leadership.

We’ll do that by bringing talented entrepreneurs together with the best minds in the tech world. It’ll be free to participate with no economic strings attached – the goal is just learning and meeting great people.

Experts and attendees

  • Co-hosts:
    • Bubba Murarka, investor and early Facebook
    • Andrew Chen, rider growth at Uber
  • Special guest speaker:
    • Eric Ries, The Lean Startup
  • Ada Chen-Rekhi, ex-SurveyMonkey
  • Erin Turner, YouTube
  • Evan Tana, Dropbox
  • Parker Thompson, AngelList
  • Paul Davison, Pinterest
  • Ryan Hoover, Product Hunt
  • Sarah Tavel, Benchmark Capital
  • Tom Tunguz, Redpoint Ventures

More details

  • Event:
    • August 17
    • 1pm-5pm (tentative)
    • San Francisco (exact location TBA)
  • Agenda:
    • Prep: Prior to event, work with co-hosts on overview for experts
    • Kickoff: 10 min overview presentation on your company
    • Deep dives: 3 sessions each w/ experts (30 min each)
    • Happy hour: Meet the other startups

Experts Day is invite-only, and we ask you to apply below. Applications are due by July 7th.