Bubba Murarka invests in early stage technology companies. Before becoming an investor he helped Facebook pivot to mobile, led product teams at Microsoft, and founded three startups.  As an operator, he did hundreds of millions of dollars of strategic deals, was awarded multiple patents for his innovations, and built products used by more than a billion people.  

As a Partner at DFJ, he led 7 early stage investments as well as working closely on DFJ Growth’s investment in Unity Technologies.  Bubba’s investments include Udemy, Smule, Marco Polo, GiftRocket, CircleCI, Periscope Data, Mindshow, JoyRide,  Revere.AI, Seesaw, NeoGlypic, Inkbox, Speak, Atrium LTS, Twin Prime (Salesforce), Highlight (Pinterest), and Tempo.AI (Salesforce). He has been featured on Bloomberg West, TechCrunch, Wired, and many more major media outlets. 

His side hustles include consulting for HBO’s Silicon Valley, building things like LiftoffVR, and organizing communities. Bubba likes to BBQ Tri Tip for friends, travel with his wife, and wrestle with his two young sons.

Follow him @bubba on Twitter.